Watch The Kids


when you were a kid?
All the stuff you wanted?
Store windows full of stuff.
Golden dreams.
Every rocking horse six gun
shoot 'em up cowboy hat dream.
The good guys.
The bad guys.
The golden haired queen of the screen,
her clothes.
All the girls wanted
the matinee idols.

You got it once a week
on Saturday afternoons.
But now
watch the kids.

Kids get it all day,
hours of it.
It's no longer a dream,
it's virtual reality.
Ask them.
They want real
guns just like
the good guys,
the bad guys,
depends on which game
they want
to make TV real life on the street.
It won't hurt.

Bang bang.

Watch the kids.


david coyote
September 5, 2000

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