Time by David Coyote
© david coyote

spacerLooking through the camera’s eyepiece at the blossom that opened overnight, a kaleidoscopic experience stunned him - sunlight wrapping her fingers around these soft petals radiantly displayed as if some gemologist had spilled his valuable treasure of colored gems upon a satin covered table, he didn’t know first where to focus, as though standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, impossibly tasked with capturing the grandeur and magnitude of an immense creation defying confinement in digital space, for wherever he looked there was unimaginable beauty – the realization almost making him cry, knowing the flower’s loveliness waited for nothing but time – that someday the glorious bloom would fold like a glove about its heart of hearts, quietly closing the last page in the story of its life.

* * *

david coyote
June 9, 2016

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