Dawn Sprinkler - Virgil Nez

I wonder at keeping track of it,
years, months, minutes, hours, days,
life's sand running through the hourglass,
remembered scent of a flower,
on the green morning meadows, the haze
rising to disappear beneath the sun's warm gaze.

Two years ago to the minute
on this day, the light and love
of my life silently sailed away
to the far far shores, and I cannot say
a single word that explains
the hole left in me - that pain
is nothing compared to the kind
she suffered in her quiet, always
smiling, uncomplaining way.

I will go to visit her grave today;
make tidy the markers of my family
and place a few flowers there for
Mother and Pamela, side by side,
tell them I love them - then take
the long quiet ride home - alone.

It is a lovely morning. Just look at the sky!
In Little Big Man, Chief Dan George said,
"It's a good day to die ... "


david coyote

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