Wake Up!


These words,
curled upon the pillow of my tongue, slept
while I idled in daydream childhood,
traveled with me
from mother’s knee to waiting world,
each step prepared them
for this moment;
now set them free.

These words
hold hands,
workers united against tyranny,
sing of unity, their song
a call to those who’ve fallen
to join, to reform the human family
based on fairness,
not on greed.

These words,
sing them,
let them ring
so all the world will hear,
so children on their way to school
will learn the song,
and sing along,
will make it happen.

These words
awaken others
from the comfort of their pillow,
whisper in my ear,
keep me from sleep,
stir my tongue
to utter something brighter
least I weep.


david coyote

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