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How easily
sleep comes upon me.
Her approach soundless,
she covers me in her blanket of peace
when the rest of me tires of being awake.

And I let go;
surrender to her
without thought.
She never disappoints,
refreshes all parts of me
in need of her visit.

Yet I know
I will sometime surrender
to that same sleep,
not awake from it,
and wonder at times
if this will be the sleep from which
I won’t awaken.

My eyes would close at her touch
but I’d be lost to all of this:
the people I love
so much;
places familiar
I’d want to wake to again.

Yet I can’t postpone sweet sleep
for fear of not waking.

Set my heart free,
delectable sleep,
that if I awake
it will be filled with


david coyote
December 17, 2001

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