Read another shortie by one of my favorite flash fiction authors! Ramon Collins.


Beyond the Lane

Photo  2014 David Coyote


indentWhen Dr. Henley placed the wet baby on Maria's breast she knew it was a special child.

indentThe baby stared into Maria's eyes for a long moment, then smiled. The new mother returned the steady gaze. "Hello, Sedona."


indentAs Sedona grew she didn't look at things, she saw them. She didn't listen to sounds, she heard. She didn’t make gurgles and baby sounds, when it was time to talk, she did. She didn’t crawl, when it was time, she stood, wobbled, and walked. She smelled every flower and gave each a different magical name.

indentWhen Sedona was tall enough she stood at the front window and studied the lane for hours.

indent"Why do trees dance?"

indentMaria walked to the window, placed a hand on her shoulder, "Because the wind blows."

indent"When wind blows where does it go?"


indent"Where does that lane go?"


indentSedona looked puzzled. "If it goes somewhere, it must go everywhere."

indent"It does."


indentYears later, Maria stood at the kitchen sink and washed lunch dishes as Sedona walked in. "Mom, I'm going somewhere."

indentMaria watched soap bubbles ooze down the side of a glass. "I know."

indentThe front door closed as Maria stood at the front window, drying hands on her apron. The young woman in the lane looked so small.

* * * *

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