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I never think much about what kind of pictures I take. I just step outside when the mood hits me and take pictures of whatever. That's what these are, things that caught my fancy at different times on different days.

I particularly like flowers. Most of these were taken in my garden in the Laurentians, the kite on a beach in florida, a bunch of kids were flying them, and the winter scenes in the neigborhood here in Quebec. I like to use a macro lens to get close. It's a wonderful lens that always gives me new ways to see things.

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Baby Pinecones (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Crocuses (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Kite Sunset (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Small Pond (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Yellow Berries (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Snow Fence (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Traffic (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Rose (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer
Waving Grass (c) 2005 Pieter Mayer

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