Photo Gallery 11

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Bamboo Reflections


'Bamboo 1' (c) 2005 David Coyote

Bamboo Knows

When wind blows
bamboo whispers,
black against green,
leaves wet from fog.
Bamboo knows secrets,
doesn’t break when storms
come upon old stands.
Tall graceful strength
in slender memories
of segmented forms.

Is suppleness the secret
to survival?


david coyote


'Bamboo 2' (c) 2005 David Coyote
Poor coyote.
He has no
living there.


At coyotes house
they are always ready
to go fishing.

Lisa J. Cihlar


'Bamboo 3' (c) 2005 David Coyote

Oh Great Bamboo
Great Bamboo
I love you,
I do!

Dawn Irene Dare



'Bamboo 4' (c) 2005 David Coyote

The old world grows in the new.
Ancient fast plant in young fast country.
It doesn't know.
It doesn't care.
Growth is all.

christopher morrow


Black and gold
Young and old
Bamboo stands
Urban lands

'Bamboo 5' (c) 2005 David Coyote

David's cove
Shadow grove
Years alive
Wildly thrive

Bamboo shoots
Make good lutes
Well my friend
Time to end

Ginger Hamilton Caudill


'Bamboo 6' (c) 2005 David Coyote
Black bamboo,
golden bamboo,
makes a screen
for me and you
to do exactly
what we do;



'Bamboo 7' (c) 2005 David Coyote

Black bamboo, dew wet
Golden goddess in lush green
Rain kaleidoscope


Better watch out for the old bamboo...


bamboo makes good flutes, too.

Marcel DeClercq


This is all I know about bamboo.

'Bamboo 8' (c) 2005 David Coyote
Among the stands of bamboo
at the Bamboo Club
in 1963
in East St. Louis
Ray Charles brought the house down
It brings a tear into my eye.

My wife says
Bambi, baby boom, bamboo, booooo.

Gary Hill


'Bamboo 9' (c) 2005 David Coyote

There are leaves among the cultured bamboo,
That he hangs and dries.
They are nurtured in his ancient stand,
Before he picks them clean.
The finest is always next years crop,
He anticipates their changing type,
When finally prepared and crumbled thin,
Those leaves are in his pipe.

Mike Ripley


'Bamboo 10' (c) 2005 David Coyote

I’ve never eaten bamboo shoots
They tell me they’re delicious
Panda’s chew up tons of them
But I’ve heard they’re not nutritious

No wonder then, that Panda’s have
To eat so many of them.
If I was a Panda I would tell
My handler where to shove them


It's a... bamboozlement.

pieter mayer

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