Torrey Pine Tree (c) 2004-2005 David Coyote -

Published by National Geographic for Alliance For Zero Extinction. read more
'Torrey Pine Trees' © February 14, 1982 - 2005 David Coyote

tree grows where wind goes
shadows follow moving sun
the day is not done


needles don't move now
noon air silent and windless
shadows on sandstone




A National Geographic publication, The Alliance For Zero Extinction, (AZE)--a joint initiative of fifty-two biodiversity conservation organizations--issued a 24" x 36" fold-open color photo brochure that accompanied December 2005 Bird Conservation, featuring a special report on worldwide threatened species. Among the seven color photos representing North American species, they selected one of my pictures of pinus torreana. It is the aim of The Alliance For Zero Extinction, (AZE) to prevent extinction by identifying and safeguarding key sites where species are in imminent danger of disappearing, to create a front line of defense against extinction by eliminating threats and restoring habitat to allow species population to rebound.
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