Pamela & Warty's Trip
The Princess and Warty in New Orleans

Day Five


Warty Lahoof

I told you. Though it was the last day in New Orleans, we made the most of it and got out to other parts of town. After a splendid breakfast, (no need to go into it here) I rode the street car out to the Garden District where we wandered streets of old memories and mansions. And no, unless you mean bats, I do not believe in Vampires.

Garden District, New Orleans (c) 2004 DCoyote

Will you look at the wrought iron! Someone was kept busy building these mansions.
There were so many wrought iron styles. Guess everyone wanted their homes to appear unique. I bet it takes a lot of work just to paint these fences.

New Orleans (c) 2004 DCoyote

Can you believe it? These trees are eating the fence! Interesting way to care for the garden if you ask me. Lazy gardeners! Either that, or those trees really grow fast!

The Princess and pianist, Bob Lewis at the Royal Orleans lounge (c) 2004 DCoyote

We returned to our hotel that evening and packed for the return trip. I still had the camera and took this picture of the Princess sitting with her friend, Bob Lewis, the pianist at the Royal Orleans lounge. He is a very talented man, and we've enjoyed his music for years. If you ask me, and I'm not sure, but I think the other guy was too tired to stay up for the fun. As I said, perhaps he's too old for these kinds of vacations. It was a good thing that the Princess took me along or she might not have had much company.
Now, dear readers, I promise to do my best to get the other guy to stay up to date with the news about me...and the Princess. It's a task, believe me! I hope he hasn't made a mess out of this report. If you notice any errors or anything that needs to be reported, just drop me a line. I can't promise excellence, but I bet I can get the Princess to make him correct glaring mistakes!
And always remember, Laissez les bon temps roulez!
Until then, mes amis... .


His Royal Heiness Warty (c) 2004 DCoyote

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