Pamela & Warty's Trip
The Princess and Warty in New Orleans

Obligatory biographer's note: Warty was somewhat a bit put off-track when he read about Teddy's recent vacation. Not usually the jealous type, nevertheless, here's the resulting slice of conversation between Warty and his faithful biographer:

"So everyone knows you went to New Orleans…you've posted a couple of poems, but you didn't tell them that I went too." Warty was sulking, posing in front of the mirror, and examining the way he looked in his new scarf and eyepatch. "I bet you haven't answered any of those nice people's questions, either…the ones who read my last chapter and asked what I thought about my ancestral home and my relationship to Jean LeHoof."
"Lafitte, Warty," me, the other guy, says. "The man's name was Lafitte."
"And you didn't put any of my pictures in the news either. A lot of people have been asked for my pictures… ."
"All right, Warty. You dictate…I'll write."
"Post it under the Journeys Index…like you did for Teddy," he says, "and don't forget to include pictures… ."
"I'll include pictures… ."


Here's what Warty dictated:

Day One


Warty Lahoof

Well, this was news when it happened. I'm sure my fans were not properly informed of the following, but The Princess took me to New Orleans last September. And by the way, and for some incomprehensible reason, she invited the other guy to tag along, probably to record my astute observations. I'm not one to complain, but I wish he'd just give the Princess and me a little more room. Every time I turn around, there he is…pouring some coffee for her, or trying to insinuate himself into our conversations. I declare…he is such a needy person!
Anyway, I'm sure you'd rather hear my views about the French Quarter than read his poetry. It really is a colorful place…and the air is simply dripping delightful history. There are streets with names like Pirate's Alley…and wouldn't you know it? Look who got his picture taken there! He is such a photo opportunist!

David Coyote, New Orleans (c) 2004 DCoyote

The Quarter is non-stop celebration…singing and dancing in the streets, and no end of consuming alcoholic libations. Hurricanes? I thought those were storms, but I stand corrected. The party goes on all hours of the day, and it makes me wonder if anyone ever rests. Well...some find a place to rest. You must see those above ground cemeteries. Just see what I found. Is it possible that this crypt might have had the first letter 'H' erased? There are so many mysteries. Hmmmmmmm.

Crypt, New Orleans (c) 2004 DCoyote

I like the way people accepted me. Though there were a few stares and guarded whispers, those nice Louisiana folks made me feel right at home. The cooking, you ask? Out of this world! Those dear people fed me the tastiest dishes I think I've ever tasted. Hmmm…you don't think I've become too…robust? The Princess cautioned me that I be careful about wandering too far from the crowds. I actually had to sneak out a few times just to have a little fun! Not easy when one lives on the second floor and has eaten a lot of that food! As you can see, the Princess caught me coming home the first morning after an all-nighter on the town.

Warty in New Orleans (c) 2004 DCoyote

What? Am I not to be trusted? Must I explain everything? The party called and I had to get down on the streets and dance. What's life without a little celebration? You should hear this lady sing the blues!

Lady Sings the Blues! New Orleans (c) DCoyote

Well...I ate my fill, and let me tell you! Those fried oysters are not to be believed!
Now, are you ready for day two?


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