Pamela & Teddy's Trip

Part Four


The days passed too quickly for all, and the prospects of having to leave The Raven's Nest was casting a long shadow over the Straits of San Juan.

Strait of San Juan (c) 2003 DCoyote

Teddy and Tinker took long walks in the woods, and spent a lot of time watching sea birds.

Sea bird (c) 2003 DCoyote

They explored the peninsula, and took pictures looking back across the water at the Harbour House.

Sooke, BC (c) 2003 DCoyote

Mostly, everyone loved the woods... .

Sooke, BC (c) 2003 DCoyote

Sunlight through Cedars illuminated Irish Green ferns. Teddy was thinking about moving to Canada.

Sooke, BC (c) 2003 DCoyote

....while the coyote was recalling fond memories of the Princess as she stood looking out to sea at French Beach ... .

French Beach, Sooke, BC (c) 2003 DCoyote

Rocks and driftwood...what a floor covering. Coyote feet sure felt at home.

French Beach, Sooke, BC (c) 2003 DCoyote

Seattle called. The travelers had to pack to leave all these beautiful places behind. They didn't leave their memories...

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