Pamela & Teddy's Trip

Part Three


What an enchanting drive it is along the western side of Vancouver Island. The forested coastline folds and unfolds, curve after curve, each lined with towering cedars and evergreens, the giants interspersed with the reds, oranges, golds of Liquid Ambers and Aspen . Every color of the changing season signaled the advance of winter weather.
The adventures holed-up in Sooke Harbour House for three days...a retreat to match any found in Europe . The Raven's Nest, the top floor suite, has a lovely outside deck and a floor-to-ceiling view across the straits of San Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Range of Washington State.

View from The Raven's Nest, Sooke Harbour House (c) 2003 DCoyote

Every evening the travelers watched fishing boats return from a day at sea...

Fishing Boats, Sooke Harbour (c) 2003 DCoyote

How about having a bath in the living room? With the sounds and scent of a cheerful cedar wood fire snapping and crackling, and a view like the ones on this page? Hard to beat.

The Princess in The Raven's Nest (c) 2003 DCoyote

It's a well-crafted suite...obviously finished by talented hands...and cozy as any place one might want to hang out... .

The Raven's Nest (c) 2003 DCoyote

Think of the work that went into making this hand-carved bed!

Hand-carved bed at The  Raven's Nest, Sooke Harbour House (c) 2003 DCoyote

Teddy had to check out the tree. He was sure that he caught the aroma of honey... .

Teddy showing off to Tinker (c) 2003 DCoyote

Well...maybe he was just showing off to Tinker. He was overheard telling her about his aspirations to become a racecar driver, and his plans for acquiring a classic British automobile. Teddy has a wide range of interests... .

Teddy and Tinker  (c) 2003 DCoyote

For the most part he was content to sit in the big deck chair and enjoy ocean breezes.
Easy to see why... .

Teddy and Tinker on the deck (c) 2003 DCoyote

When it got too cold, or after sunset, the bears retired to sit inside by the fire... .

Teddy and Tinker enjoy a cozy fire (c) 2003 DCoyote

Day two found the romancing pair hiking through the forest...Teddy always keeping one eye out for honey trees and the other one on his new honey....

Teddy and Tinker in the woods  (c) 2003 DCoyote

The Princess talked her companions into a trip to French Beach. What a beautiful beach it is! Teddy was his usual protective self, but seemed to enjoy the sound of waves and the driftwood... .

Teddy and Tinker on the beach  (c) 2003 DCoyote

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