Pamela & Teddy's Trip

Part Two



So...a few steps from their Empress door they found yummy morning snacks set out at the Gold Club Lounge...what a civilized presentation! "Would you like a second helping of that?" (No wonder the coyote gained 10 pounds!) Pampered? You bet.

The Gold Club Lounge, morning snack! (c) 2003 DCoyote

The Gold Club Lounge is definitely a plus for those who like peace and quiet...or just a nice place to sit and read.

The Gold Club Lounge (c) 2003 DCoyote

The travelers wandered through the Empress glad that at least one hotel chain hadn't 'improved' their property with 'modern' furnishings and polished metal materials.

The Empress, Victoria, BC (c) 2003 DCoyote

Nice ceiling treatment, eh? Sure beats acoustical tiles.

The Empress' Ceiling, Victoria, BC (c) 2003 DCoyote

And here's a view of Victoria Harbour from the Gold Club Lounge. Can you find the sea plane at the dock?

Victoria Harbour (c) 2003 DCoyote

They walked around town every day...there were so many lovely things to see, like this pallet of fall colors near the Empress. Who says fall is dreary and dark? Cloudy weather is better than no weather at all!

Victoria, BC, fall colors (c) 2003 DCoyote

For Teddy, the climax of the Victoria adventure was realized when the thoughtful Concierge introduced him to Tinker, (a Canadian beauty) who immediately stole his heart! What can a coyote say? It was clearly 'love at first sight!' From the picture below, it's obvious that Teddy was stunned, and Tinker was at a loss for words. And that's as it should be.

Tinker and Teddy (c) 2003 DCoyote

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