Old Keys


There will be a day
when power-addicts
won't get their fix,
when the greed drug
won't buy obscene tricks,
when prejudices whispered
in innocent ears
won't light fires of hatred,
when the bleeding world
has enough of killing.

There will be a day
when silvered lies tarnish,
when no one polishes twisted words,
when hands reach to help,
not to exact retribution,
when respect holds hands
at the table of foreign ideas,
when once silenced voices are heard,
when being different is valued,
not feared.

There will be a day
when they open barred cells,
when righteousness wears freedom's clothes,
when oppressors have no one to oppress,
when those once oppressed
dance in the streets,
when children sleep unafraid,
when locks are left open,
when old keys are made
objects of art.


david coyote

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