Artist, photographer, poet, master gardener, dump scavenger for discarded treasures, Oink from the Sty resides on the Big Island of Hawaii amidst his amazing collection of aging mementos and delicious secrets of paradise. Sibling, teacher, a man with an eye for good craft, he and I frequently exchange poems and ponder life.

Oink's poem inaugurates the new Poet's Corner, an expansion of Guest Author at the den. Lucky me. Anyone wishing to contact Oink, send a message to me - I'll forward it to him.

This Is For You by Oink

This Is For You
oink from the sty
This is for you my volunteer.
you by your giving lack a definition.
you know the secret shape of stones for stepping.
you know which lairs cats will pick to pass away.
you who cry so easily in sorrow and joy.
you who smile beyond the common market reach.

This is not for the professionals.
not for murder merchants
not for ghosts villains patrons incest inn keepers.
not for after dinner sermon dishwashers.
not for pirates plaintiffs judges juries kings
tugging at the edge of a conquest.
not for gold lame alley icons.
not for the window shoppers of the cute.
not for the lust-logged tricksters booty counting wall-street gangsters elevator pickpockets.
not for soul snatchers spirit sapping sunday salvation sellers,
god hot and hard from the touch of cool authoritative wand nobs.
not for skinners of innocence.

This is for you my volunteer.
you my helper.
you my healer.
you my essential.
you my One.



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