Oh America


Oh America,
I want this to work.
Dreams dreamt by so many,
the blood - the pain - the tears
the hero - the despot - the fool,
in all your clothes you're naked.
Turn to the person nearest and say,
I can’t do this alone.
Each of you say to the other,
I can’t do this alone,
until your voices ring
with the strength of one voice,
one made of many.

Oh America,
I want this to work.
Isn't maturity nothing more
than taking complete
responsibility for
everything we say and do?
The earth isn't in trouble.
The earth will survive our greed.
Many species won't
because of us.

Are we arrogant
egotistical thoughtlessly
self centered impatient
filled with need
shortsighted children
of elders who thought much
about us and our future?

Oh America,
I want this to work.
Look around you.
Don't use-up what can't be replaced;
don't destroy what you can't create;
share and care for what you have
for what profits us
when losing our children's future
in the taking.
What price pleasure.
Show how you care.

Oh America,
I want this to work


david coyote
September 5, 2000

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