Mortality Knocked


I sensed my mortality today.
Death just moved a step closer.
I don’t think much about death,
for life insists I think of it.
I’m sure death has its own agenda,
that there is little I can do when it comes
but let it take me and make me other.
I’m not afraid of death, and wasn’t today,
but the sense of its breath
made me stop writing and listen.
I’ll be ready when the time comes.
Something will use these atoms and energy
to weave a wonderment of new beginnings.
When death within me finally sings its song,
I’m going to sing along as it takes this thing
I call my life and flings it
around the feet of another new possibility.

I want to make my life perfect
so my death will begin new things
the same way.


david coyote
edited 11/25/05

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