In Our Way


In our way,
we moved into this land,
humans from walled-safe cities
fearful of wilderness.

We moved into this land
believing in our way,
subduing nature's wildness,
fearful of the unknown.

Out of harmony
with nature's cycle of life
we changed everything
in our way.

In their way
within this land
lived people in harmony
with nature's
ancient plan.

In their way,
respecting all life,
wilderness home,
living in accord
with nature's cycle of life,
they changed little
in their way.

In our way
we change everything;
no stone unturned,
what can be used
used to extinction,
all at our command,
every tree and wood,
every creek every stream,
every creature in our way,
we and they,
they, in our way.

We change everything
in our way.


david coyote
September 5, 2000

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