In The Garden

In The Garden by David Coyote
© david coyote

The more he stared at the back of his hand, the more convinced he became
that the network of greenish veins under the skin were growing new ones.
Roots, he thought, pulse rate increasing, just like the ones that broke that
clay pot when they kept growing. The plant outgrew its container. Root bound...
that’s what they call it.

He got up and went to the window where the light was better. The growth of
the veins seemed to slow. He moved his hand into a shadow...the growing
quickened. Roots need darkness...they don’t grow in sunlight.

And now he not only saw, but heard them growing...or maybe it was his heart
beating? What should I do? he thought, panic making it difficult to breathe,
afraid to stay inside the house. It’s sunny. Sit outside in the sun!

Three days later the neighbors discovered him sitting in his garden deckchair...
a large, beautiful, multicolored blossom growing out of his mouth.


* * *


david coyote
September 26, 2017

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