Martin Heavisides has this to say of himself:

Bio? Let's see: I've produced a substantial body of work over the years: short stories, flash fiction, poetry, children's poetry and stories, two full length stage-plays and two one-acts, as well as theatrical sketches. Been writing since I was seven (won't tell anyone how long that is without them having a big bag of cash to make it worth my while--might lie in that case anyway).
Publications: Jeremiad, Black Cat Review, Studies in Contemporary Satire. Online: Mad Hatter's Review, The Landing, Quiction, when it was still with us. Once won a PEN Syndicated Literature competition.

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Photos by BigFoto & SXC, digitally altered by Shirley Harshenin

Moments of Truth #7

mindworm>so tiny and easy-wriggling
fits into any available space
credit card>passport>third job on your resume
nestles there invisible>easy to maintain
master's thesis>ph.d>honorary doctorate
sandwich wrap>chocolate tinfoil>coloured plastic condom
shoe tree>fishbait>hang glider support ribbing frame
anywhere matter goes and some it doesn't
mindworm goes>pantyhose and uplift bra
easi-rest cushion>easi-term casket
die now, pay later with mindworm or if you live
never be troubled again with excess brains
digest the weightiest tomes>even watch pbs with no fear
you'll gain a single ounce of unsightly
grey matter>give a loved one mindworm
the gift that keeps on giving
space in your head for all those important concerns
mindworm clears and clears it, you'll be positively amazed
we guarantee you won't even trouble to remember
what we guaranteed>trademark registered
patent pending


Martin Heavisides © 2006

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