Warty and the Princess in Hawai`i

Day Six


Warty Lahoof (aka Alii Hog)

Packed and ready...but not...our bags were taken down to the car. The other guy drove once again and we took our time leaving. And again we got a nice picture of Mauna Kea as we headed for the main highway. It would be nice to get a look from the top instead of at it, but I think it was a little too cold for my blood.

Hawai'ian Landscape, Mauna Kea (c) 2004, DCoyote

So we left behind these kinds of views and drove in silence to the Kona airport. Somehow I felt in my bones that Mauna Kea would get another look at me.

Beautiful Hawai'i, with its living mountains.  (c) 2004 DCoyote

For a long time to come I'll be dreaming of this fertile island...of its still living mountains, wild rivers and jungle-packed gorges.

Stunning Hawai'i with its wild rivers and jungle-packed gorges. (c) 2004 DCoyote

I'll always remember the image of ripe breadfruit on the limb.. of the lovely symmetry of Momma Nature.

Hawai'ian Foliage, ripe breadfruit on the limb, the lovely symmetry of Momma Nature.  (c) 2004 DCoyote

I won't forget the beauty, the mystery of land and sea...just as I'm sure that Hawai`i and its beautiful people won't forget me!

Spectacular Hawai'i, the beauty, the mystery of land and sea. (c) 2004 DCoyote

"Aloha nui-loa, Hawai`i." What the locals say is true! "Da Big Island mo bett-a!"
Yours most truly, (and drop me a line if you enjoyed my recollections!)

Warty - the Alii Hog

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