ayhan yildiz
Gary Hill says of himself, "I'm the last immigrant on earth, a fighter, a fooler, a jack of everything and nothing, a poet, a dog, and a saint. I am an intellectual from the rabble, a thug that belongs to Mensa and loves Buddha. I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful wife and a wonderful daughter, and those are my greatest accomplishments."

And Yet We Live On


I am astonished that we are still alive
for we have been where no one should be
and we’ve seen nations fall and countries – gone
and we have done what should not be done.

What we’ve been through has made a different world
and the times today are strange and lost on me.
What have we created? What will we not do?
We are pre-emptive as a western cliché.

Why are the woods so full of mystery
and why is the honeysuckle still so sweet
when we’ve watered both lands and flowers with blood;
when we’ve become a killer of nations?

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