"Most of my life has been spent in studying. I have more than twenty peer reviewed research papers on the lakes and rivers of the Central Amazon. I served as chair for the CA/NV section of a national organization called Water for People and did volunteer work in Honduras, helping provide safe drinking water to several small pueblos. I retired in 2000 when my knees gave out (halfknee replacements) and began writing poetry and short stories. I’m working on a novel loosely based on one of my favorite people, Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan; a princess, an author, a concert harpist, a beautiful woman, and a WW-II spy."

Samuel Beckett, Lao Tzu, and Al Jolson

(For my daughter Stacy)
Gary Hill

There is a softness in a rock
like a smooth lie
a spacious emptiness
a quiet holiness
that draws me in
and I am lost in rock

Beckett placed
his rocks about Watt - Molloy
tried for symmetry
I do too

Lao Tzu
sang of the rock as weak
and softness as strength
me too, me too

But mostly
I just love to
rock-a-bye my baby.



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