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Part Two


Warty Lahoof Newly Caped and Rebooted! So fine!

As usual, I was up and ready to go long before the other guy could get out of bed. The open road called, a love song to my sensitive ears and I loaded our gear into the car. It was a long day, and we were all in need of rest and a good dinner. We found a nice little motel in Clarksville, Arkansas. Hoping to find a place to dine that had some ambiance, we were fortunate to discover CJs Garden Cuisine at 108 Fulton Street, owned and operated by Chuck and Jenny Whitson. What warm accommodating folks, what delicious food – what a pleasant surprise! Got the picture? I want to return!
The next day, we motored over the wide Mississippi and stopped to explore Memphis, the home of some almost classical music. The Princess took me to see a big statue of that guy who slept in my bed…old-what’s-his-name…Elvis somebody… . It was a very large statue.

The Princess and Warty next to Elvis Statue (c) 2004 David Coyote

Someone went to a lot of trouble to make something that large. The Princess assured me that the world was only waiting for the right moment for someone to make one of me. She had the other guy take a picture of us on Mud Island. My word! It was terribly hot! My fur nearly curled!

The Princess and Warty on Mud Island (c) 2004 David Coyote

We wandered through slow moving crowds of tourists, stopping occasionally for me to sign autographs for adoring fans who recognized me at once. I must say that it was a pleasure, though the heat and high humidity nearly killed me. Sensing my condition, it was nice of the other guy to buy ice cream cones to cool our heated brows.

Sharing an Ice Cream Cone (c) 2004 David Coyote

After the tasty snack, we wedged ourselves into the car and headed off for Kentucky. Perhaps I slipped into an unintended nap but the other guy woke us with the question, “Does anyone need to stop? This looks like an interesting place.”
How he ever arrived at that conclusion I’ll never understand when I saw the name on the sign. “You want us to stop at a lake that you’re going to fall in? I think not! You’re welcome to chance it. Moi? I’m staying in the car.”
Did he get it? No. Did you? Lake Eufaula Inn? A lake you fall-a in? Get it? Hahahaha. I am so funny that I sometimes can't stop laughing at the things I say. Lake you fall-a in! Hahahaha! Ahhhhhh...there now...where was I?

Lake Eufaula Inn (c) 2004 David Coyote

I declare. Sometimes it seems that he doesn’t have a sense of humor!
There were regular stops for fuel every couple of hundred miles, and rest stops too, and as any sane person would do, I napped much of the way. The marvelous sound of the well-tuned engine, the whistling wind, the music of tires on the road, all conspired to lower my eyelids. Still, a comfortable bed is better, especially after a satisfying meal. We stayed overnight in Jackson, Tennessee, but got off the next morning to an early start (after a generous breakfast.)
Well, I napped again, naturally to conserve my strength, and woke to find myself in Lexington, Virginia. We ate a lovely lunch during the afternoon rain – some little café university students frequented. I had to fend off a number of young ladies who begged me to tell them my life story. You know they are probably reading this at the same time you are. Apparently the Princess wanted to visit a dear friend, and the other guy took the opportunity to have me take their picture as they stood on the steps of Washington and Lee University. If you ask me, I bet the other guy will try to convince people that he had attended that university. He did. For an hour.

Washington and Lee University (c) 2004 David Coyote

The landscape was so green compared to the golden hills near our home. It sprinkled some but only enough to make my fur curly. We stayed the night in a village named Harrisonburg, and I declare I was so famished that I ate two meals! I only hope none are offended by what I’m about to say, but it looked to me as though most of America wasn’t missing any meals.
The following day got us into Pennsylvania where green must be its middle name. We stopped along the banks of the beautiful Susquahana River when nature called my name.

Warty on the banks of the Susquahana River (c) 2004 David Coyote

The other guy snapped two photos of me as I meditated on the wild…memories of my homeland making the very hair of my handsome mane stand on end.

Warty on the banks of the Susquahana River (c) 2004 David Coyote

Then it was off to New York. Now there’s a name to conger up images. Though it was a bit overcast, I was able to snap this photo as we crossed the state line.

Welcome to New York City (c) 2004 David Coyote

We saw the evidence of approaching Fall in the changing colors of leaves. I wanted to stop and explore the mountains more but it seems the other guy had his own agenda. Apparently he knew of a charming little pub in Corning, New York that would tickle my fancy. It did! What a delightful surprise, though they should have used me as a model for their sign.

Snooty Pig Irish Pub  (c) 2004 David Coyote

We stopped in for a meal and a glass of something refreshing. I think the other guy had two. This resulted in checking into a motel at his earliest opportunity where he could recover from refreshing too much. You know my nature. Patience being my middle name, I awaited his recovery. even forsaking the opportunity to nap myself.

The other guy napping   (c) 2004 David Coyote

The next day brought sunshine and scatted clouds while I tried my best to teach the other guy a few tunes on the piano.

Trying to teach the other guy a few tunes on the piano  (c) 2004 David Coyote

Some, like me, learn quickly. Others don’t. I gave up on him after an hour of hearing little more than bumbling discords. What did he do? What does he always do, and then complains that I’m the one who hogs the naps? (That was worth the chuckle. Sorry about the glaring pun. Sometimes I can’t help myself.)

The other guy napping...again  (c) 2004 David Coyote

While the other guy napped, the Princess and I went exploring, and look what we found. It's an old covered bridge! Well, that's obvious, is it not? I know it rains a lot in New York, but who's going to park on the bridge just to get out of the rain? It would block car across at a time.
You know, we were here for an hour and no one drive by. Wait! I know! They put a roof over the bridge to keep the snow off! One can't use a snowplow on a wooden bridge, now can one? We saw two of these bridges - they're very old. Doesn't the Princess looks so pretty standing there waving to me? Ahhhh...I'm such a fortunate warthog.

The Princess waving from wooden bridge (c) 2004 David Coyote

That’s enough for now, dear fans. I need to eat. Back to tell you more after a long nap.


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