I invited David to be my first guest author because I hold his mind and talent in such high regard. Not just the writing, but the impetus to write. David is not only a student of life and a keen observer of human behavior, he's a passionate student of history. I bet there's not one area of thought he hasn't explored. I urge anyone who finds his style and often cleverly cloaked humor of interest to read the wonderful pieces he has posted on his website. Just click on his link and enjoy.

Author - David Arthur Walters

Thinking Independently

It is time to tell the truth again.

Well now, one does not have to be a pig philosopher, cattle sociologist, or dog psychologist to see what is really going on in the corporate world. We have all noticed the preponderance of mediocre thinking in our mediocracy. And we have all noticed the glaring hypocrisy of the representatives, executives and judges who contradict in practice every ideal they profess. Therefore it is no wonder there are a growing number of neurotics with rigid self-defenses, as well as more psychotics who have lost touch with "reality" altogether. And it is hardly surprising that even normally mediocre folks resent being herded around like cattle while the democratic anthem blares from the loudspeakers.
Our censored and suppressed corporate realm is rife with complaints rarely expressed nowadays except in blatant explosions and sporadic gunfire or in seemingly bizarre behavior deemed whimsical hence not taken seriously, or perhaps in frustrated speech angrily unleashed under cover of virtual identities in open forum. Such speech is quickly discounted as the outcome of an abused childhood: indeed! And the abuse is perpetuated by the corporate parents: I have an email before me from an immature corporate executive who says it is not "cool" for those he has power over to tell the truth about the corporation in public forums--no doubt he was and still is an abused child.
The mainstream media is a censorship tool employed by the happiness conspirators to quickly smother with noise any voice that speaks distinctly enough to distract consumers from the confusing, amoral pursuit of happiness in non-stop consumption; of course lip service is given to ethics, breeding even more hypocrisy. If any complaint does become slightly popular, it is incorporated by the corporation, packaged and marketed as yet another object; the principles of the mediocracy are thus inculcated by co-optation; everything works to further consumption and the worship of the commodity fetich—the value worshiped in the object is Labor hence we cannot stop working but must make more work if we run out of work. Wherefore the largest software company in the world now runs a frantic one-minute radio advertisement to snare hectic workers into more consumption of the very substance making them sick: the breathless advertising man deplores the fact that computer technology is not relieving people of work but is overworking them instead, and he offers more software to help them reduce their workload--too bad the copywriter had to get a day job, is it not? Yes, any outlets for frustration that might result in mainstream pollution, turbulence, or diversion into actual multiplicity or multi-cultivation of viable long-term alternatives are quickly damned up or made to go with the flow that converts civilization into a planet-polluting sewer.
We can blame the corporate heads and call them fascists if we are not aware of the fact that fascism was just a stage in the evolution of modern corporatism; but the constituents of the mediocracy really have only themselves to blame for conforming—it is easy to kill the chief, but that is rarely done lately because people love to be civilized, especially after two frightening world wars. Yes, conformity is a natural human tendency—how otherwise could there be a market for anything real or ideal? However, modern conformity is presupposedly based on the non-conformity of the self-made man—repeat, self-made man—so we have an underlying crisis or hypocrisy here, an ambiguity recognized by few people but anxiously felt by all.
Prompted by their anxiety over pervasive hypocrisy, even conformers complain about conformity. Conformers become reformers but nothing much changes. Everyone who advocates or votes for a change, no matter how slight and ineffective that change might be, is a reformer nowadays. "Reform" was even a slogan in the latest political popularity contest, after which the status quo continues to preside over the same old anxiety.
Therefore why bother? It is not better to go along, to be civilized, to be ruled? Why take risks? After all, the more one bothers the more he is bothered into thinking about revolution and the right of private citizens to bear arms without a license. But we have little cause to worry about another revolution and reign of terror, for despite the anxiety, we love to be ruled. We prefer the safety of numbers that protect us from certain objective threats such as missile attacks and armed robbers; we do not want to overthrow the defense system just because we feel anxious that hypocrites are in charge of mediocracy; we can live with general anxiety, with unidentified enemies. Starve us for awhile, or take away the manner in which we are accustomed to living, and we might sue for divorce, or we might revolt; in the interim, let us join the pursuit of happiness club and leave revolution to mentally disturbed radicals.
For our own peace of mind and physical security, let us give up trying to fathom reality. After all, we are not paid to think about what is really crucial, and our jobs take up a lot of our time. We might dabble in the pursuit of Know Thyself and thus the World on a part-time basis, but we will never figure out what is really going on, so why bother? There are ready-made things and propaganda awaiting consumption. Even those who pursue truth full time and almost figure it out already have both feet in the grave. Truth is a bad investment: the truly wise are unemployed—and what great wise man was not homeless, heaven forbid? Besides, the ultimate truth is precisely what we work to avoid. Lucidity is looking evil in the face: that is a real horror show, is it not?
On the other hand, we are wiser than we know, for as I have already said, one does not have to be a pig philosopher, cattle sociologist, or dog psychologist to see what is really going on in the world. And much of that is not too pretty if we take a hard look. We might want to scream bloody murder and run amok, but then we are afraid to upset our own apple cart. And the cart is ours although we are reluctant to admit it: we self-lovers are too quick to blame others for our personal irresponsibility, therefore we lose the self we love. Yet in the long run we will have hell to pay for our neglect. What is required, besides our so-called reforms and machine-tweakings, is not concrete violence but some sort of abstract outlet for blowing off steam so the boiler does not burst.
Art comes to mind, first of all the art of thinking for one's self. Only that sort of thinking makes the self-made man. As it is, our heads are con-fused in the corporate sand. The corporation has kidnapped our souls, has plagiarized our thinking so that we can only live under its all-consuming Logos as it doles out rights here and there to those who keep up the illusion of originality. The ransom to get back our souls, and each person will have to pay their own ransom, is very little when we come to think of it, and it does not require a lifetime to obtain, for truth is not an end but a process, and it is in the telling.
For instance, when we take of the art of thinking independently and come to think for ourselves, we discover that it is indeed "cool" to tell the truth about the corporation in public no matter how we are related to it. Corporate speech and actions should be investigated and analyzed by every person in all walks of life. The good should be praised and imitated and the evil exposed and condemned; everyone should consider it his bounden duty to publicly expose every unethical and illegal act of the corporation he works for. Every lie should be publicly aired. Remember, corporate officers who lie to employees are even more likely to lie to the general public, and that can be very dangerous to the public health both physical and mental, resulting in some cases in bodily injury and even death—ideally, for instance, officers and employees of corporations whose lies regarding potentially dangerous products result in death should be charged with murder, and those who do not report such lies should be subject to conspiracy or felony misprision charges. Similarly, the corporate shield should be reduced for all those persons causing civil damages to others. After all, the corporate entity has its fictitious being for the public good and not for the perpetuation of illegal or unethical conduct. Yes, no person short of death can be entirely rid his or her own essential hypocrisy, the underlying crisis of human existence, and will of course be subjected to the truthing process in turn; but the effort is well worth it whether at home or at work, for it distinguishes the free self now so hypocritically praised by the corporate propaganda.
And where shall we independent thinkers tell our truths? Everywhere. But what of the corporate media? Oh, if telling the truth becomes popular the media will package it and sell it back to us in one form or another. We have then, in a round about way, by means of our art of thinking independently, averted more mass killings by deranged persons as well as the bloody revolution that will occur if the corporate hypocrisy is kept up for much longer. That is not quite what the corporation means when it advertises for independent thinkers, but in the end it will be glad to have us.



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