Blue Sky

Blue Sky (c) D. Coyote

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I celebrate life. Free-form images of things I wish to remember as I die - could take upon that mystery trip across the unknown path a hundred million souls have walked before me. I wish I could speak these words to you so you could hear me. No guide; the coming and going something each must do alone. Reaching down - I pick up and throw this stone.


Don't forget.
Remember these:
the smell and sound and feel of
endless rolling waves,
sand on golden beaches,
breeze; wood smoke;
sudden rain;
hot summer streets.

Don't forget
tender woven leaves,
passion's secret forests,
green promises holding hands;
sing-song head-strong
scraped knees;
all the broken toys
and happy hug-me kisses.

Don't forget
cold morning air
on silent silver lakes;
first bird-songs of the morning;
games children play into sunset,
lives, mid-heaven, never setting,
innocence run wild as wind,
wishes for forever-after.

Don't forget
how bright the light
when sunrise comes upon the earth
to wrap life in magic forms.
Then come storms, and sometimes tears.
Guarded whispered voices;
memories of empty beds
where someone slept.

Don't forget.
Who'll smile away fears
of being left alone,
tears; what hand reaches out
in prayers, mommy - daddy,
forever somewhere else. When I must go
please bless everyone
around this fire.

Don't forget.
What love does to life
is what time does to mountains,
pressed into clouded skies,
pulled down to fields of flowers
at their feet;
too sweet the taste
of love to linger.

Don't forget.
Now mute;
too many words.
Not knowing, overcome with love;
reluctant to leave the songs of birds
to join the sand on golden beaches.
When I must go,
be the blue sky this time at midnight.

Don't forget


david coyote
July 13, 2001
edited December 3, 2007

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