Short Stories & Flash Fiction


Gravity (Flash Fiction)

In The Garden (Flash Fiction)

Time (Flash Fiction)

Secrets and Magic


Coming Spring

The Weaver's Tale (A New Parable)

No One Listened (Flash Fiction)

That's That (Flash Fiction)

Beatings (Flash Fiction)

The Pond (Flash Fiction)

Silhouette (Flash Fiction)

Always Hungry (Flash Fiction)

The Silver Box (Flash Fiction with Recital)

The Red Alpha (Flash Fiction)

In Cooling Coals (Flash Fiction)

911 (Flash Fiction)

Subway (Flash Fiction)

When I Grow Up (Flash Fiction)


A Beautiful Fish

Girl Scout Cookies

The Red Truck (novella)

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Another Time

Mirabile Dictu

Eye Of The Beholder

Rock n' Roll

An Early Snow


Dog's Day

Ruby Red

All That Glitters

Was It Something I Said?

In A Hurry?

Are We There Yet?

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