'Wooden Box' © 2007 David Coyote

Pamela and I often went camping, stuffing the food preparation stuff into a cardboard box the back of our old Jeep. Yep, the cardboard boxes never lasted the trips, so lazy me finally built a solid box out of ash, redwood, cedar, pine and fir. I'd show you the inside if there was more room here, imagine built-in compartments, a lift out tray, and not one nail or screw in the whole box. Lift and turn over the top, and we had a cutting board. Put it back on, we had something to sit on by the campfire. The piece still serves us well after nine years of rough handling, even though we no longer have the Jeep or sleep out too often now. Our bones complain too much.

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'Wooden Box'  2007 David Coyote