'Frank Sadilak Bust'  2007 David Coyote
'Frank Sadilak Bust' © 2007 David Coyote
This is a bust I did in 1970 of Frank Sadilak, voted at a few years earlier as Lifetime President of the San Francisco Hells Angels. Frank and I lived in Hawaii - he worked for Helco. Rode his bicycle to work every day. For free, taught kids about road safety and sponsored bicycle races around the island. Frank burned his draft card on the steps of the Federal Building in San Francisco before moving to Hawaii. He was a serious Viet Nam war protestor and wrote letters weekly to all the politicos - insisting that they get us out of that immoral war. Four of our friends were killed in Nam.

Frank couldn't swim - I did my best to teach him but, without a life vest, he sank like a rock. That led to his untimely death when his small rubber raft overturned on Hilo Bay. Frank, out there alone, wasn't wearing his life vest. It was a loss of one of my dearest friends.