The Coyote’s list of Important To Know About Links.

Earth Links

If you care about the problems confronting your environment take a look at some or all of these organizations. These are people like you who care, too, and they are busy doing something about it. Give ‘em a hand. Mother Nature needs all the help She can get!

Please click on this link, read and take action:

Mass Extinction Underway

Action Network Oregon Natural Desert Association
ADS Satellite and Aerials Ltd. Plant Locator Online
Alliance for Zero Extinction Rainforest Action Network
American Bird Conservancy Rocky Mountain Institute
Center for Biological Diversity Sierra Club
Desert Protective Council, Inc. The Living Desert
Desert Survivors The Peregrine Fund
Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee The Torrey Pines Association
Earth Justice Torrey Pines State Reserve
Horned Lizard Conservation Society Truck Locator
InSinkerator Urban Ecology Australia
Jim Karnik Productions "Wilderness Theater" Union of Concerned Scientists
Nature Bytes Video WoodWise
If you think your organization should be included in this list, send me the URL so I can take a look. I’m a curious coyote.

Literature Links

Here are a few writer's or literature sites. I'm not advertising them. They aren't paying me to post these addresses. Some offer creative and publishing help while others are simpley author's webs. If you'd like your site to be included here please send me the URL and I will drop in for a visit first. Enjoy.
Ascent Aspirations Linnet's Wings, The
Augustine's Confessions Lit Village
Better Books for Better Living - M.W. Graves Literary Kicks
Between the Cracks McKenna Donovan
Carol Novack Nice Stories
Cecelia Chapman Orgrease Crankbait
Circle Publications Passions In Prose
Claywoman's Lodgings Quill & Parchment
Dreamrail: Michael Ripley Today's Woman
The HyperTexts Word Smitten
Insolent Rudder Zoetrope
John Ravenscroft's Home Page ZYZZYVA

Interesting Links

I told you that coyotes were curious. If you are, too, feel free to check out some of these links. You'll get some more insight into his shaggy head . . .
American Association for the Advancement of Science Quit Day
American Lung Association Ready to Quit Smoking
Currency Converters Rehab Center
Consumer Dangers Rx Dangers
Degree in Communications Self-Editing
Drug Dangers Semiotics Theories
Eos Development Slang Index
Free Translation SpanishDict
Funeral Consumers Alliance Sushi Vocabulary
Good Calculators The Recording Website
HonestlyNow Banking The Recovery Village
Idiom Dictionary The Ruckus Society
Interactive Units Converter Tobacco Free Life
Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Tuck: Advancing Better Sleep
Learn It Live UK Addictions Treatment Centers
Mahatma Gandhi Whirlwind Studios Native American Flutes & Art
Masters in ESL Word Reference
Obituaries Help Your Dictionary
Periodic Table of the Elements  
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